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Unveiling the Charm of Contemporary Asian Cuisine in Singapore's F&B Scene

Singapore’s dining landscape is a vibrant mosaic of flavours where tradition meets innovation. The city-state is home to several standout establishments that exemplify this blend, offering culinary experiences that are as diverse as they are memorable. Here’s a look at four contemporary Asian restaurants that are redefining dining in Singapore.

Lộ Quậy: A New Chapter in Vietnamese Cuisine

Bánh mì
Bánh mì

Chef Quỳnh Brown's Lộ Quậy introduces diners to a bold re-imagination of traditional Vietnamese dishes infused with contemporary techniques. Situated in a conservation shophouse along Amoy Street, this restaurant offers a unique dining experience that encourages exploration and appreciation of Vietnamese flavours. Dishes such as the Wagyu beef pho and the Iberico Wellington with Maggi seasoning push culinary boundaries while maintaining a deep respect for the heritage of Vietnamese cuisine.

Firangi Superstar: An Imaginative Take on Indian Classics

Wagyu rib

At Firangi Superstar, traditional Indian cuisine is transformed into a cinematic journey through India, viewed through a whimsical, foreign lens. The restaurant features decor that resembles movie sets and offers a menu where classic dishes are artfully modernized. Signature dishes include the WADA YOU WANT?, a crab and cabbage cutlet, and AWADH WE GO, a dish featuring Australian Wagyu rib marinated in nihari spices, showcasing an innovative twist on Indian flavours.

Meta: A Fusion of Korean Ingenuity and Global Flavours

Jeju Abalone
Jeju Abalone

Under the guidance of South Korean chef Sun Kim, Meta offers a thrilling blend of Korean, Japanese, and Western culinary techniques. Now situated along Mohamed Sultan Road, Meta continues to dazzle with its flavour-forward contemporary Korean dishes. Highlights include the signature Jeju abalone simmered and grilled, served atop a risotto made from Korean short grain rice, and earthy burdock root rice paired with marinated grilled meat and served with white kimchi, a recipe passed down by chef Sun's grandmother.

Fiz: The Essence of Modern Malay Fine-Dining

Blue Swimmer Crab
Blue Swimmer Crab

Fiz, spearheaded by Malaysian chef-entrepreneur Hafizzul Hashim, is an elegant celebration of Southeast Asian flavours through a modern Malay lens. Located in Singapore, the restaurant is renowned for its innovative use of indigenous ingredients and traditional cooking methods like charcoal grilling. The menu at Fiz tells the rich story of Southeast Asian cuisine, featuring dishes like the spice-marinated quail grilled in a Josper oven and the Blue Swimmer Crab in yellow curry, embodying the classic Malay dish of gulai lemak chilli padi.

These restaurants exemplify how traditional Asian cuisines can be transformed through creativity and modern culinary techniques. Each establishment not only offers exceptional food but also contributes to the narrative of Singapore's dynamic and evolving food scene.


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