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Shifting Tastes: How Changing Consumer Behaviour is Shaping Lo Quay’s New $48 Menu

In an era marked by economic uncertainty and shifting priorities, consumer behaviour in the dining industry is undergoing significant changes. At Lộ Quậy, we are not just observing these trends; we are evolving with them. Our recent introduction of the $48 menu is a testament to our commitment to meet the dynamic needs of our patrons. This article delves into the recent changes in consumer behaviour and how Lộ Quậy's new offering aligns with these trends, creating a dining experience that is both economical and exceptional.

Waiter pouring beverage into glass

The Evolution of Dining Preferences

According to Mastercard’s 2024 trends report, consumers are increasingly prioritising their resources in response to macroeconomic factors. This means that diners are more discerning about where and how they spend their money. They seek value, but not at the expense of quality or experience. At Lộ Quậy, we recognise this shift and have crafted our $48 menu to offer both affordability and excellence, ensuring that our guests receive the best of both worlds.

The $48 Menu: A Response to Consumer Needs

Lo Quay’s $48 menu, available for dinner, is designed with these changing consumer behaviours in mind. It provides a selection of meticulously crafted dishes that showcase our culinary expertise while being mindful of our patrons' budgets. Here are some highlights:

  • Yellowtail with Jicama and Pickled Ambarella: This dish offers a refreshing balance of delicate yellowtail flavours, the crispness of jicama, and the tanginess of pickled ambarella, delivering a sophisticated yet affordable culinary experience.

  • Seafood Ceviche with Squid Cracker and Ngo Gai: Combining the finest seafood with the unique textures of squid cracker and the aromatic flavour of ngo gai, this dish exemplifies the high-quality dining that our guests expect.

  • Wagyu Tartare with Pickled Wasabi and Shrimp Salt Puffs: A luxurious treat that marries the deep flavors of wagyu with the sharpness of pickled wasabi, providing an indulgent yet cost-effective option.

Additionally, our "Off the Cuff" offering invites diners to set their budget and let our chefs create a bespoke dining adventure. With a minimum spend of SGD 65 per person, this option offers personalised dining experiences that cater to individual preferences and financial considerations.

Dining with Purpose at Lo Quay

As consumer behaviour continues to evolve in response to economic factors, Lộ Quậy is dedicated to staying ahead of the curve. Our $48 menu is a direct response to these changes, offering high-quality, affordable dining options that meet the needs of today’s discerning diners. We invite you to join us and experience a dining adventure that is both economically mindful and exceptionally delightful.


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