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Lộ Quậy – A Sensory Tribute to Vietnamese Heritage in the Heart of Singapore

Updated: Apr 16

As the sun dips below the horizon, the streets of Singapore’s Telok Ayer district begin to simmer with the vibrant energy of city nightlife. It’s here, at 88 Amoy Street, that the true essence of Saigon unfolds in the contemporary, yet soulful ambiance of Lộ Quậy. This culinary gem, the latest from The Dandy Collection, stands proudly as a tribute to Vietnamese heritage and the personal journey of Chef Quỳnh Brown.

A Canvas of Culture and Cuisine

AI generated pictures of the walls of Lộ Quậy

Upon entering Lộ Quậy, one is immediately enveloped by an ambiance that is both evocative and serene. Part mid-century modern dining room, part innovative art gallery, the space radiates with earthy tones and the warmth of natural wood. The artwork displayed is more than decoration; it's a visual chronicle of Chef Quỳnh's life journey, rendered through the fascinating lens of AI-generated art—a perfect metaphor for the restaurant's marriage of tradition and modernity.

Culinary Narratives Woven from Memories

Sea Bass
Sea Bass

Each dish at Lộ Quậy is a chapter from Chef Quỳnh’s storybook, narrated with flavors and textures that trace back to her Saigonese roots, enriched by her globetrotting culinary adventures. The Whole Sea Bass is not just a dish but an exhibition of Chef Quỳnh's homage to her days in California, enveloped in a sauce that dances between sweet, spicy, and decidedly funky notes, delivered through the unique use of fermented tofu, a staple in Vietnamese kitchens.

Journey Through the Glass

Red Miso Old Fashion
Red Miso Old Fashion

Lộ Quậy’s beverage program mirrors the thoughtfulness of its cuisine. The carefully curated selection of wines, cocktails, and sakes is designed to complement the culinary narrative woven by Chef Quỳnh. Each glass, whether it be a Red Miso Old Fashion or a betel leaf Gibson, is chosen to enhance the journey through new Vietnamese cuisine.

An Invitation to Rediscover

Lộ Quậy is more than a mere restaurant; it's a destination that beckons food enthusiasts and cultural explorers alike. It invites patrons to partake in a sensorial celebration, where the familiar is reimagined and presented anew. Chef Quỳnh's passion for her craft is evident in every detail, from plate to place.

As you plan your next culinary adventure, let Lộ Quậy be at the top of your list—a place where every visit is a chance to uncover the rich tapestry of Vietnamese cuisine, as retold by a chef whose heart belongs to her heritage. Welcome to a dining experience where the tastes are as vivid and colorful as the streets of Saigon themselves. Welcome to Lộ Quậy, where every meal is a discovery and every discovery tells a story.


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