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Embrace Community with Lộ Quậy's $48 "Inflation Bites" Menu

Step into a world where every meal tells a story at Lộ Quậy with our vibrant "$48 Inflation Bites" menu. Designed to counter Singapore's rising costs, this initiative is our love letter to the community, a promise to keep the spirit of togetherness alive and thriving. The $48 price tag isn’t just a number—it’s a nod to Singapore's 4.8% inflation rate, a symbol of our unwavering support for our beloved guests.

Lo Quay's $48 Menu

Celebrating Togetherness Through Food

"As we navigate these challenging times, our 'Inflation Bites' menu is our pledge to serve more than just exceptional food; it's our commitment to nurturing our community," says Rohit Roopchand, CEO of The Dandy Collection. Whether you're looking for a cozy date night spot, a place to reconnect with friends, or simply a welcoming space to enjoy a meal, our menu is designed to offer high-quality dining without the hefty price tag. “It's about fostering connections and creating lasting memories together.”

A Vietnamese Culinary Journey

For just $48, dive into a culinary adventure inspired by the bustling streets of Saigon. Start with the irresistible Cánh Gà Chiên Nước Mắm (fried chicken wings with fish sauce), savor the rich flavors of Cơm vịt lá sen (Duck Rice steamed in lotus leaf), and finish with the delightful Kem Chuối Dừa Đậu Phộng (banana coconut popsicle with toasted peanuts). Each dish is a tribute to the vibrant culture and communal spirit of Vietnamese street food, crafted to nourish both body and soul.

More Than a Meal

We’re excited to join other restaurants in offering budget-friendly, yet exceptional dining experiences. Our initiative is part of a larger movement where restaurants step up to serve incredible dishes without compromising on quality. For more insights, check out this article from The Peak Magazine: How Singapore Restaurants are Dealing with Challenging 2024.

Join us at Lộ Quậy where every meal is a heartfelt invitation to gather, share, and support one another. Reserve your spot and let's bite back against inflation—together!


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